anthropologie plaid shirt dress
Booties, Homestead Shirtdress, Bold Lip, Hat (Similar here), Faux Leather Bag

I have been so eager to restyle this homestead shirtdress from Anthropologie for all of you to see how many different ways it can be worn.  The first time I styled it, was for my Anthropologie Blog Feature (here) but I wanted to wear it again. Not only because it’s extremely comfy but it’s also so easy to wear differently which helps you get more wear out of one piece.  

I love adding hats for an added touch and a bold lip to spice things up.  A lot of ladies have emailed me or commented worried about the size and how it fits and the truth is I love it, especially the fit.  I seriously have worn this shirtdress so many times since I’ve received it and I’m totally okay with that.  There is something fascinating about the way it hangs and I cannot get enough of it.  

I’m almost positive I’ve been stopped more times wearing this than I have in anything else.  I’m laughing because when we were taking these photos a guy pulled over and yelled, “HOT DAMN” and Tim just put his face in palms like dude, I’m her husband not her photographer.  I love his reaction when stuff like this happens, he’s so patient and cute.

Speaking of that one, it’s his birthday today! I am so excited to celebrate with him! I’ve already told him what he’s getting because I hate gifts and suck at keeping secrets  (unless they are real secrets, then my lips are sealed).  Everyday feels like a gift with him by my side.  When things are pretty tough, he makes them feel easier.  When I’m craving adventure he makes sure it’ll be one to remember forever.  And when I need to just-be, he’s right there with me.  I feel so blessed to be able to experience life with him and have someone love me so unconditionally.  I’m laughing out loud again thinking of one of our first dates together, oh-boy. I was severely anemic at the time (before I was even a veggie) and we were five minutes into a movie and I 100% fell right asleep.  He still dated me after that, so I must have been a cute sleeper (face palm).  Whenever he re-tells the story he always says, “It was one of the best movies ever too!” Like that would make any difference.  Anywaaaayyssss, I can’t wait to share with you guys how we are celebrating.

So, moral of the outfit story.  If you like it, wear it and work it.  I seriously follow zero fashion rules (except open toe shoes in the snow–thats one I’ll stick to) and it works just fine for me.

anthro homestead shirtdresssteve madden booties

anthropologie shirt dress

homestead shirtdress

faux leather bag from Old Navy


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