Screen Shot 2016-12-29 at 11.28.11 AMWhen I think back to the days we were experiencing infertility I can’t even describe the pain.  No words are adequate enough.  I think being a woman especially you get feelings of inadequacy, like you aren’t able to do what you were created to.  It’s debilitating.  The fear of questioning if you’ll ever become a mother.  I never ever want to forget our trial because it makes me appreciate absolutely everything in this life that much more.

To me, becoming a mother, growing your family however you choose to, should be a right. Not a privilege.  If I were to show you how much it cost to have baby Harlow I’m sure you would be shocked.  In Canada almost everything is covered except for fertility treatments.  How is this even normal?  In America, the struggles are similar.  I don’t believe that just because you are not able to become a mother on your own you shouldn’t be able to become a mother period.  It disturbs me truly.  The number of emails and messages I get a month saying how they wish they could afford a surrogate, or IVF or even simpler methods like clomid and IUI’s.  It breaks my heart into a million little pieces.  EVERYONE who chooses to be a mother should be granted the ability to become a mother.  Some things in this world are certainly worth fighting for.  The struggle and procedures and treatments are challenging enough as it is and tacking on financial stress is just an additional unnecessary burden.

Today I wanted to take a second and bring this family of ours closer together.  Convey The Moment has shown me undeniable support during some of my happiest moments but also in some of my most trying moments today.  Today, I ask for a second of your help.  I wish more than anything I could help every single person going through infertility.  Truly.  If I was a millionaire I would open an animal shelter and a non-profit for fertility support. But I’m not and I don’t plan on winning the lottery anytime soon so in the meantime I would love to use this community to help at least one family.

The Forakis Family is where my heart is right now.  If you have a second to sit and read their story please, I’m asking with all of my heart, do.  For over 10 years Tiffany and her husband have been struggling to conceive a child of their own.  I struggled for nearly three and almost died from the heartache, I can’t even imagine over a decade.  Tiffany and her husband have come to terms with the idea they will never be able to carry a child of their own due to medical complications and their dear friend has offered to be their surrogate.  So extremely selfless and heartwarming.  There are still a number of costs involved with IVF and all the fertility treatments on both ends.  

No one has asked me to write this post and I have only ever met Tiffany once in my life, so there is truly no personal connection, just a story that has touched me so deeply.  My husband and his business partner work closely with Tiffany however  and time and time again I hear them talk of how wonderful she is.  We just recently heard of her story and Tim and Jordan both mentioned how amazing of a mother she would be.  

Today, I just ask you to take a second and if you can give back in any way possible, please do.  Even if you are experiencing infertility something as simple as five dollars can only feed your soul full of hope. The more we give to others, the more we receive.  If every single one of my Instagram readers donated something as tiny as five dollars we would be able to make the world of a difference to this very deserving family.  But lets aim for something smaller, let’s make a goal?  How about we try to get $1000 raised for this family.  That means that 200 of us would have to donate $5.  Can we do it? I know we can!  If you want to join this movement just donate and leave a comment on your donation on their GOFUNDME page saying, “It’s a right..not a privelage”.  I can’t wait to do this with you guys and I’m already so proud!

One day they are also going to need to have adequate funds to help raise their miracle baby and every single cent helps.  Tim and I are going to donate right this second and I hope this extended family of ours can do the same.  

Read their story

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