Morning Girls,

Thank you so much for coming to read this post, I love having you here and being able to share parts of our life with you.  I wanted to share some photos and our experience from Harlow’s first eye exam because it was honestly one of the cutest things ever.  According to Alberta Health Services you can take your child in to get their eyes checked at 6 months and since I already had appointments booked for Tim and I, I felt it would be exciting to bring her with us.

I was partly worried about Harlow’s eye health because I developed vision problems at a very young age which I feel is why I am so grateful for my partnership with IRIS.  I struggled to see for a while when I was a little girl and had no idea vision troubles were even a possibility so I didn’t tell my parents.  When I kept having to ask my best friend what the board said in second grade, the teacher suggested I tell my parents.  My mom was so upset I hadn’t told her sooner.  Once I was able to get in for an eye exam and get the right prescription of glasses life was so much easier.  

I honestly am so grateful for my optometrist Dr. Barrus at the IRIS location in Chinook Mall.  He is so committed to helping me have the strongest, healthiest eyes for me and helps make sure my prescription is correct year after year.  Is it awkward I’m this excited about my optometrist? I laugh but it’s honest and the relationship he has created with us is honestly admirable.  For those of you who struggle with vision you can probably relate to how important it is to work with a professional who you trust and how much you appreciate having an optometrist who is so invested in excellent patient care.  I’ve also had to opportunity to work with two other IRIS locations here in Calgary and the service was just as wonderful at them all; I’m so grateful to be able to represent a brand with such amazing customer care. 

Dr. Barrus was so excited to see us bring Harlow in and I was honestly shocked at all the questions he asked that could potentially affect Harlow’s vision.  He asked about our labour experience, whether or not she needed suctioning or oxygen, if she was in the neonatal intensive care unit… she needed all of the above to almost every question he had asked.  I had absolutely no idea that birth experiences could potentially have affect on vision.  Because I answered yes to multiple questions, he recommended I bring her in again in 9 months to make sure proper screening is done in order to catch anything early on, should she have any issues.  

Watching her complete the vision tests for children her age was actually pretty entertaining.  He held up paddles with different prints on each side and naturally her eyes we supposed to be more drawn towards one over the other.

Tim on the other hand has the best eyes Dr. Barrus has seen in 7 years of practicing.  Tim was able to identify a line that Dr. Barrus has never seen any one depict in his whole career.  Very impressive, especially in the eyes of someone who can’t identify the shampoo bottle from the conditioner in the shower…

He did also notice an elevation in one of the veins in the back of one of Tim’s eyes.  Dr. Barrus has marked this and is going to monitor the elevation in the following years as it can be an indication of alternative health concerns.  Your eyes can tell so much about your health and this is why it’s so important to get them checked annually.   

I hope you guys are enjoying my posts with IRIS as they are truly some of my favourite ones to create.  I’m looking forward to sharing some style posts of product I’ve picked this season so make sure to keep your beautiful eyes open for more posts. I absolutely adore that Iris offers stylish trendy frames I know I can keep for years to come and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.

Have the most amazing day and know that I loved having you hear.

Eleni xo 

This post was done in partnership with IRIS but as always, all opinions are my very own.

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