ginger foot bath
Floral Robe (Here, Here, Here or Here) / Polish / Candle 1 / Candle 2 / Mug 

Relaxation is key to living a healthy balanced lifestyle and I have been everything but relaxed lately. The past few days have been beyond stressful and as we expected IVF is an extremely emotional process. Things can go from very good to awful in a matter of days and we are just trying to accept what is as of now.  

My acupuncturist (who I have grown to love) suggested going home and giving myself a ginger foot bath, to help remove the chi from my head to my feet in order to help reduce some stress.  I haven’t looked up the science to support it but all I know is that it felt amazing and certainly helped me relax.  I know you aren’t supposed to drink ginger tea while you are pregnant, so if you are opt for something else, but I had a lemon ginger tea, Anthropologie candle burning and zen relaxation music in the background. It was amazing and exactly what I needed.  The bath is super easy to create and this is how:

1/3 cup of ground ginger (Tim blended it in the magic bullet with water)
3-4 lemon slices
1 tub of hot water
Flowers to decorate if you wish ( I thankfully have amazing friends who have been visiting all week and stalked me up)

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