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What an emotional whirlwind.  I can’t even begin to describe all the emotions that were running through my body leading up to this.  For us, it wasn’t about whether baby McMullin was a boy or a girl it was about making everything feel a whole lot more real.  We honestly couldn’t care less and felt SO GRATEFUL for a healthy baby regardless of it’s gender.  Buttttt, having the sex of the baby in a envelope for ever and day sure made it a little more exciting.  We were able to determine the sex of the baby at 10 weeks via a genetic blood test. (I’ll explain in my upcoming vlog why we chose to do this test).  We are also getting up a vlog of the gender reveal and I’ll be doing pregnancy updates as well so make sure to subscribe here if you’re interested in anything mommy or maybe just about me (lol, jokes).

We weren’t planning on having our gender reveal party until the end of May but when we realized how busy May was our only option was to plan the party within 4 days and somehow I did it! My friends and family are also so supportive they almost all could make it on such short notice…we were so grateful! I know it seems like we invited every single Jenny-from-the-block but we honestly kept it to the closest peeps because we wanted it to be intimate and special.  Turns out I have a couple life long friends that have been with me throughout every milestone in my life, including our infertility struggle.  We had to have them all there.

Since we found out we were pregnant I referred to baby as a ‘he’. I just had this feeling. It wasn’t until 3 days before our reveal party that I started having dreams little pupo was a girl.  In guessing baby’s gender I have a track record of always being right.  No exaggeration. I have yet to be wrong.  I didn’t tell a single soul about these dreams except for the girl who put the box together for us, I kinda wanted it to be something special between myself and baby if in fact she did turn out to be a she.  My gut was wrong until 3 days before the big reveal, something just changed and I all of a sudden felt like baby pupo was a little girl but I was still so unsure.  Certainly not sure enough to back up on my certainty of it being a little boy though. 

I literally remember Tim always saying to me how he felt like he was meant to be a dad to at least one little girl, little did I know he had secretly been wanting a girl.  I shamed the idea of preferring one sex over another because heck I would have been thrilled for a 12 foot giraffe at this point.  

When we were opening the box I was sweating, my heart was pounding and my eyes were full of tears; I couldn’t wait to know just what our baby would be.  I looked Tim in the eyes and could see he was feeling the exact same way.  Once we opened it and I saw  the PINK balloons peaking through I just about died.  The look in Tim’s eyes, the screams from all around us, it was all just too much.  I started bawling so hard I couldn’t stop.  Everyone went silent after a bit because I couldn’t stop crying and I think they thought I was sad, but I wasn’t.  I was so happy to be able to be pregnant and to know it was a little girl.  I cried for about ten minutes in Tim’s arms, went out side to calm down, cried some more, went around to hug everyone and cried some more, then went upstairs by myself to change and cried even more.  I couldn’t believe it, that beautiful little miracle I have been creating is a little girl.  I just love our circle of friends and family and that everyone was so sincerely happy for us. We are SO blessed.   

Boy or Girl we would be equally as thrilled but I cannot wait to be a mommy to a little girl.  I’m crying as I write this (of course, I’m crying again) but I just can’t believe I’m so blessed to be able to carry our child in my tummy.  Knowing she, is a little she, just makes me better able to talk with her and tell her how much I love her already.  I can’t wait to be a mommy to a daughter.  I know this baby was meant to be our baby and this struggle just makes every single moment worth celebrating.  

I have to say thank you to all of you for your support and love and I sincerely love the heck out of you guys.  You’ve been there with us through this all and I am forever grateful.  Also a huge thank you to our friend Kim from Kimberlee Martin Photography for capturing these amazing photos of a very special moment. Also thank you to 2 Greek Gals for supplying all the food.  We are so so so so beyond grateful.   

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