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Good Morning Girls!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend, I know I’m so grateful to be able to have that one Sunday with Timothy since I barely get to see him during the work week. I hope you all had an amazing Mother’s Day however you chose to spend it! I have been waiting to answer all your questions about my eye care since we had a little chat on Snap Chat about it and today’s the day! I’m excited because you know how I feel about taking care of our health.

As you guys know I recently went to the eye doctor because I was having a harder time seeing, driving at night (oops) and finding long wear comfort in my current contact lenses I was using.   Not only did I find my newest [and favorite] pair of glasses from Iris Visual Group Chinook Mall Location, I also made a big change when it came to my contact lenses.

After addressing my current concerns with my eye doctor he brought up switching from my current two-week lenses to dailies. I had never considered dailies before and thought I was seeing just fine only finding my eyes to be more irritated and dryer than normal. The truth is, who keeps track of two weeks really? I swear mine turned more into two-month lenses. This was obviously not very healthy for my eyes.

I agreed to give the dailies a try. I gave two different brands a go and fell hard for the Acuvue Oasys with HydraLuxe 1 Day lenses. I couldn’t believe the difference it made in my eyes. Every morning was a fresh clean start to life and I am all about that. I love how I don’t need to worry about contact solution or cases and can have a fresh start everyday.

My eyes never feel dry, irritated or red and they always have that super clean feeling you get when you start using a new pair of contact lenses. What else could you ask for in a pair of lenses? I feel so grateful I made the switch.

My only concern about making the switch was the extra packaging because I’m obviously pretty conscious of our environment. What I have done is put a little bin in my bathroom for recyclables where I make sure to place the plastic every morning. This has seriously helped me recycle other toiletry bottles and I feel so much better knowing it isn’t all being thrown right back into our landfills. It ended up making me recycle even more than I had already been.    

I hope this helps answer some of those questions from Snap (make sure to follow us on there for more everyday moments (elenimcmullin)) and I hope you guys get excited about checking up on your own eye health, it made such a difference for me!

Have an amazing week!


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