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Preparing for and welcoming a baby into your life will be one of the most exciting moments you will ever experience, but it can also be one of the most expensive. We knew babies required a number of items we couldn’t live without like diapers and wipes but it wasn’t until we started shopping around that we realized just how many larger items we needed to purchase, like everything for the nursery and a stroller and a car seat. As Harlow came into this world and we started shopping for her essentials, it dawned on us it was more expensive than we had thought. I know a number of you are in the same stage of life as us or buying your first homes and I thought you might benefit from a little insight. We were certainly overwhelmed with how quickly the costs for larger items were adding up. Little Harlow is worth every dollar but there is something to be said about being able to manage our payments for larger items at a time that works best for us. We knew that some of these larger purchases were inevitable but, as with many of life’s happy milestones, it’s a lot to pay for all at once. To help manage big-ticket purchases or unplanned expenses, I recently learned about American Express Installments. It’s a new program that allows you to pay for large purchases on your credit card over a period of three to 12 months. Installments have a 0% interest rate and a low installment fee, based on the length of the term you select.
So this is how it works: Let’s say you purchased $5,000 of baby related products at a store on your Amex credit card. Once you’ve set up a minimum purchase threshold on your credit card ($250-$1,000) any purchase above that will automatically be put into an installment plan of three, six or 12 months. That now means when you make that $5,000 purchase to furnish the nursery – or if you have to unexpectedly spend $500 replacing your dryer mid-winter – the purchase will automatically be put into a payment plan that you can pay off at low monthly installments, over your chosen time period, for a low installment fee from 2% – 5%. Who doesn’t want to manage their finances a little more efficiently? I hope this helps reduce some of that financial stress surrounding life’s bigger moments and you can always head to American Express to find out more. As always I loved having you stop by.
Hugs, E xo

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This post was done in collaboration with American Express 

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