playtexmomharlow playtex momBecoming a first time mom has truly been such an exciting and joy-filled transition and I feel there is so much to smile about in our everyday routine.  Naturally, I’m a bit sleepier than normal and I’m always putting a tiny little human before myself but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  With all the other learning curves that come with being a first time mom, I find it’s so important I am able to use products I can trust without having to go through the whole trial and error process on my own; I love when somebody has already done the work for me.

Over the next couple of months I’m beyond excited to be teaming up with PlaytexBaby  for their #ForBetterBeginnings campaign to share products that have made my transition into motherhood a lot smoother. My intention with this partnership is that I am able to show you how simple products can be worked into your everyday to make mothering as seamless as possible.  I’m most excited that not only have these products made our every day parenting tasks a lot easier they also fit into our home aesthetically.  The new look PlaytexBaby has created is up-to-date leaving the dated brand we all remember behind.  There is some comfort in having the highest quality baby products and I feel so much more confident knowing I have exactly what we both need for a better beginning right from the start.        

My overall goal with Harlow and being a #PlaytexMom is to raise the healthiest, happiest baby I am capable of and to know that I am trying my hardest as her mother.  I know I’m going to make mistakes and it isn’t always going to be easy but when I’m making decisions surrounding Harlow I want her health and happiness to guide my decision making.  I am proud to be partnering with a company that not only have I naturally been using their products, but has over 50 years of experience and has committed to understanding what is best for mother’s and babies.

Keep your eyes open on this end for some products I’m loving and more of what it means to be a #PlaytexMom.  In the meantime you can always head to  Playtexbaby.com for products we are loving.  Love + adore you all… xx E

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harlow and mom playtexharlow plaharlow nad playHarlow and mommybaby h playtemomand babeharlow smileThis post was done in Collaboration with PlaytexBaby 


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