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Knowing where to even start when figuring out what baby needs as a first time mom can be so overwhelming.  I remember standing back and thinking to my self, “I have absolutely no idea what I need for her!”  Thankfully, Westcoast Kids has been an absolute dream when it came to working with me and helping me narrow down what I needed to get going.  I’m obviously not very experienced when it comes to using these products but I did receive a number of recommendations from my mommy friends and you guys in addition to the staff at Westcoast Kids.  

We decided to do our baby shopping at Westcoast Kids because they basically carry everything thats trending, current, safe for my baby and modern. Putting all of those things into one place has made my life a whole lot easier.  Not to mention they have the most stylish pieces (like swaddles, bibs, and baby ootd’s) which is always a bonus.  For someone as inexperienced as me this has helped me SO much.  They are a Canadian company too which I know is so important to so many of you, but don’t worry if you’re in the states, they’ll ship to you too!  

Now lets talk baby things! It’s amazing how so many people suggested the exact same items so I knew I could put trust in what I was being told.  I’ve done a bunch of research and based off of what I’ve read these are the items that I was excited to get my hands on.  I’m going to break down each number and why I chose the items that I did and how they might be a good fit for you.  Please comment with any questions or recommendations of other things you think I need.  I’ve also created a YouTube Video going over some of the items to make sure to take a peak and subscribe if you haven’t already! I hope you found this helpful and love hearing from you.  Big hugs, E xx

#1. UPPABaby Vista Stroller: I wanted to invest in a stroller that I knew we could grown into as a family.  If Tim and I decide to have children down the road we can easily transition this into a double stroller saving us money in the long run.  I also loved the size of the basket at the bottom and how easily it folds.  The bassinet and toddler seat were both on our list so I love how both were included too.  

#2. 4Moms Infant Tub: What I loved about this tub is how the clean water flows in and the dirty water flows out.  Totally something that would be important to me.  I also like how you can see the temperature of the water because I am naturally a worrier.  

#3.  Prince Lionheart Wipes Warmer: Okay, this one might not be an essential but I loved the idea of warm wipes. I remember our hospital units would have them and there is just something calm about using a warm wipe, especially during our freezing winters.

#4. Nursing Pillow: This can just provide comfortability while feeding whether you choose to breast feed or not.  

#5. MESA Infant Car Seat: Everyone needs a carseat before they are discharged from the hospital so this is for sure a must have.  We loved the Mesa because of how light it was (less than 10lbs).  This should make carrying around a growing baby a lot easier.  I also loved the safety reviews and how easy it is to get in and out of the car.

#6. Medela Freestyle Breast Pump: I chose this breast pump because it’s the one I remember using or suggesting to breastfeeding moms in postpartum.  I love how it’s hands free, it’s a double (saving you time), and it’s a good pump that I’ve actually seen work first hand.  Totally worth the investment to save you time in the long run.  

#7. Angel Care Monitor: I loved this monitor because not only did it allow you to view and hear the baby it also notifies you if the baby stops moving for 20 seconds.  This will grant me peace of mind for sure.

#8. Ergobaby Adapt Carrier: We were all about the idea of carrying baby close and this one is newborn ready (no insert needed).  We both can’t wait to try it out as we’ve heard amazing things about it.

#9. Bamboobino Nursing Pads: Super absorbant and naturally anti-bacterial. 

#10. Bumbo Floor Seat: To use when baby can hold her head up (around 3 months).  This just gives baby a chance to sit up and you can read to her or get somethings down while she’s strengthening her little body.  

#11. Pacifier: We haven’t decided if we are for sure going to use a pacifier but we also haven’t met our baby yet.  I think it’s nice to have one on hand to use if that is what we end up deciding to do. 

#12. Orbit Stroller and Carseat: We loved how the seat can turn all around when baby is in the stroller.  We figured when travelling and being out and about this would be very convenient. We also loved the idea of having two strollers so we could keep on in our car and the other in our garage or at our in laws.   

#13. MamaROO with Jujube Insert: I love how this swing resembles your movements (like driving in a car, rocking back and forth).  I remember using these in the hospital and every mom I know says if I were to splurge on one thing, this should be it. 

#14. ZoLi Breathe Electric Nasal Aspirator: Completely safe for newborns this tool can help clean out babies noses allowing you to see that you’ve gotten it all.  Easy to take with you no matter where you go and helps baby breathe easier hopefully leaving everyone feeling a little bit better.

#15. Teething Toys: Nice to have natural options for when baby starts getting in those little teeth.

#16. Aden and Anais Swaddles: We have grown to love Aden and Anais already and we are super excited to give these gorgeous swaddles a try.  We also have some of their bibs, outfits, and nursing pillow covers.  

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