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Bath time is seriously our FAVOURITE time of day.  She loves it, I love it, we all love it.  When I first had harlow I told Tim that I would do anything to make sure she was a water baby.  I love swimming and going in the ocean and shower twice a day so I just knew we had to get her used to the water from the start–so we did! We’ve taken this soon to be mermaid swimming as well and she even loved that! 

Our nighttime routine is a very important part of Harlow’s day and helps this little peanut round down and get ready for a good nights sleep.  First thing I do when I get home is wash off all my makeup and recently I have been testing out ST. Ives Moisture Rich Cleansing wipes that take off all my makeup in one go.  So far I’m loving how it’s adding moisture to my dry skin from these super cold winters we have here.  Then I love to have a shower, wash my hair and have a bath with miss Harlow.  

Bath time is truly the best part of our day. The one problem is Harlow has a mix of both her mom and dad’s super sensitive skin so we have struggled to find a shampoo (for all that hair) and body wash that she hasn’t reacted to. We have literally tried everything and she gets all red and irritated which is hard to see. When I say I’ve tried them all, I mean I have tried them all.  

I called my best friend in a panic when I had to place ice cold cloths on Harlow’s head to reduce the redness and swelling from ‘natural’ shampoo.  It was devastating as a first time mom, I felt so bad and honestly hadn’t seen anything like it. With our recent partnership with Unilever it made sense to try their baby wash, Baby Dove’s Tip-to-toe.  It’s hypoallergenic and has been tested by Dermatologists and Pediatricians which helps settle my worried mommy heart.  It’s also good for your child if they have eczema which I see a lot of questions about on our mom board support group. Tim and I both use Dove ourselves and we have for years so we felt comfortable using it on our little bean.

We have also fallen in love with the Baby Dove Rich Moisture Baby Shampoo and it’s totally left her scalp so moisturized and soft taking care of her cradle cap.  Seriously, bless it. I have teamed up with Unilever to reflect our experience with these products and even though I would never encourage you to try something I didn’t love, I have to emphasize how much I have fallen IN LOVE with this line.  We always finish our baths with a baby massage and Dove has created a baby lotion I can handle the smell of and seems to work on her delicate baby skin.  I recently switched to the new Go Fresh Rejuvenate Body Wash for myself and had noticeably softer, smoother skin even after one shower.

Speaking of that, lets touch on products I’m loving. You know I’ve been into TRESemmé for a while and I always love how they are creating new products for me to try.  I’ve recently been using the Keratin Smooth Collection and it is really helping this good old hormonal (aka damaged) hair.    Now, you know I’ve been on the road to recovery with the damage and loss my hair has endured since and post pregnancy and we are on a uphill mend my loves.  I find the most effective method for my hair is switching up products.  As soon as my hair gets used to something the product quickly stops serving it’s purpose.  In between trying out the new TRESemmé product lines I’ve been using the Nexxus City Shield Shampoo and Conditioner for a couple of weeks now. It’s designed to make all hair types more manageable which is wonderful because I’m not even sure what kind of hair type I am any more. My postpartum hair has been a mess!  I have also been wearing my hair straight a lot lately and the Nexxus City Shield Damage defense cream has helped keep my hair smooth throughout the day.

I hope you found this post useful and I have been meaning to get up my reviews much sooner so thank you for being patient with this first time mommy! I’m also currently working on a post on how to live healthier postpartum so make sure to stay tuned and subscribe to my blog if you don’t want to miss a post!

Loveeeddd having you here like always,

Eleni xxo

This post was done in collaboration with Unilever 

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