Faux Fur FieldFaux Fur 3 Faux-Fur Vest1 Faux-Fur Vest2Faux-Fur Vest, Black Denim, Lace Trim Sweater, Pom Pom Hat, Booties (Faux + Local, Similar Here), BagLipstick (Cyber)


Morning Loves! I have to start off by talking about yesterday.  I felt I had the most amazing connection with a number of you. There was so much support on a matter that is truly so important to me.  I really appreciate you all encouraging me to work at what I love the most and hope we can all work at getting better one day at a time.

Now let’s talk about whats really important! How amazing is this faux-fur vest!  I knew i had to have it and practically hsve one in every colour.  I hope you guys have a fantastic day! Thanks for stopping by.


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