When our feet touched the Egypt ground it may have been the biggest culture shock I have ever experienced.  The people of Egypt treated me like a celebrity.  They were mesmerized by me, which I still find very confusing since I look pretty Egyptian myself.  Everywhere we went people would touch me and take photos of me or ask my husband if they could trade camels for me (we think they were very serious).  We had to hire a driver, a tour guide and an extra man for security purposes (please remind us why we booked a last minute flight to Egypt in the middle of a revolution..we still are not too sure why).  Anyways, they took GREAT care of us.
The Egyptian pyramids were like nothing I have seen before.  Hearing the history behind the creation of them is something I will never forget.  What a brilliant piece of our world’s past.  The Egyptian Sphynx was just as amazing. I just loved learning all the miraculous things about Egypt.
We then flew to a five star resort on the Red Sea in a place called Hurghada.  We have never been treated so kindly or with as much respect as we did in Hurghada.  Snorkelling off shore was the most astonishing snorkelling we have ever seen.  There were fish the size of my body and we literally swam there from the shore.  It was remarkable.  Lets just say we are not exactly sure how we chose Egypt but we will never regret our decision to go there.

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