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I know you’ve been waiting for an update on baby items I can’t live without so I decided to do a series on some products I’m loving, where you can find them all and I’ll also be hosting a giveaway for one of my favourite items too (you seriously won’t want to miss this one!).  There are so many baby items on the market and since I’ve been living day-to-day as a mom there are a few items I think every mom might be grateful I mentioned.

I’m excited to be partnering with Snuggle Bugz which has easily become one of our favourite baby stores with an online shop and 8 locations across Canada, in order to highlight some baby must have items.  This is where you can also find some of our local favourites like swaddles, baby bows and more.  We have quickly fallen in love with Snuggle Bugz and how you can find most of your baby must have needs in one shop.  It’s crazy how much you learn about a baby in 4 months and how certain items can make the world of a difference.  I hope that this series will help you in deciding the perfect items for your baby that have been tried and tested by us!  

Harlow is a pretty happy baby for the most part but let me tell you, she certainly has her moments! If there is only one thing I think you need it’s an infant bouncer that gently calms and soothes your baby.  Harlow literally can be having the biggest fit and the second we put her in her Johnathan Adler Deluxe Bouncer by Fisher Price from Snuggle Bugz she calms right down.  She also likes to hang out in it while I’m getting ready and the colourful detachable mobile and mirror keeps her entertained.  The detachable insert helps keep her secure and comfy and is also easy to remove and wash which I can tell you from experience is a blessing.    

If you’ve been following me on snapchat you know I’ve been on the hunt for stimulating baby products that aren’t so difficult on the eyes.  I’m a super neutral person so I want her to get what she needs stimulation wise without obnoxious colours driving me crazy!  The subtle colours are not only gender neutral-because who knows what the future brings-but they are also pretty easy on the eyes.  The music and soothing sound effects combined with the gentle vibrations have obviously made this one of her favourite things (and ours too-haha!).  She’ll just sit and giggle and coo from it and it’s actually adorable and life saving.  I hope you mommies enjoy the first part of this series and love the infant seat as much as we have! 


Eleni xo      

This post was done in collaboration with Snuggle Bugz

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