As a family we are listening to music all day long.  We have music playing we make breakfast, dancing in the kitchen together, or during bed time routine.  Arrow completely connects with music so much and just falls comfortably into my arms after every bath while I sing (with my beyond horrible voice) to him.  Harlow always asks for, “One more song” before bed and we play it and sing it again.  I  

Here are my current top 10 Spotify songs on repeat right now.  Warning, mostly country!   Check back next month as I’ll be doing a series of this every month as seasons/moods change my music usually follows.

#1. Marry Me by Martina McBride + Train (Tim and I’s wedding song and Arrow lights UP to this).
#2. Parallel Line by Keith Urban
#3. You’re Going to Miss This by Trace Adkins
#4. You’re Going to Be by Reba McEntire
#5. The Girl by City and Colour
#6. About You by Mackenzie Porter
#7. This Is It by Scotty McCreery 
#8. I’m a Little Unsteady by Dj Toner
#9. Never Grow Up by Taylor Swift
#10. Sober by Demi Lovoto

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