Photo from the last time we were in Greece

Tim and I are off to Europe to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary!   This past year has been beautiful, challenging, exciting, rewarding and all those other crazy feelings you could expect in a first year of marriage. Even though we’ve been together for a while it’s brilliant what our first year married had to offer.  I will be posting on my Instagram so make sure you are following me on there if you aren’t already and I will also be using the hashtag #conveythetravel. I am so excited to share these upcoming moments with all of you!

Let me be honest for one little second—at this point we both need a break from reality. Not only did Tim work his buns off this summer but we also went through some pretty trying experiences together.   I’m usually a pretty closed off person and I don’t like to share how I feel but I know all of these things that feel so impossible will one day make perfect sense. In the meantime—get me out of here.

This is where I owe each of you a thank you.  You all have shown me such support and encouragement even when times haven’t been easy and it truly is miraculous to have this little world of people I care so much about without even having met any of you.  I feel beyond grateful.     

So onto the exciting stuff, where are we headed!  We can’t wait to go back my parent’s hometown in Corinth, Greece where Tim got down on one knee two years ago. From there we will explore some of the Greek Islands and then head our way through Italy with our final stop in Paris.  I will be gone for over a month so I can’t wait to have you all along for the ride!  

Hope you like travelling cause we are about to go on one amazing ride! Bon Voyage!  Eleni xx

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