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Hey Ladies! Are you on Pinterest? I’d love to know!

Styling a new home?  Or want to update your current living situation?  Looking for some healthy recipe ideas or maybe what to wear on the weekend? Whatever you are looking for I’m pretty sure my Pinterest Board (Convey The Moment) has it.

I’m not the best at creating cute spaces and I hate planning parties or showers for the life of me so I find I’m always leaning on my Pinterest account to help me get ideas.  I love taking inspiration and twisting it to be my own. I can’t seem to follow instructions, recipes or order of any sort so I just use it for reference of ideas (I probably stress you Type A’s out- I hear it all the time).

The number one reason I find myself landing on my Pinterest is for food ideas.  My life is revolved around food and I take great joy in preparing and eating.  Mostly eating–but hey! To us eating is something we really cherish and I want others to find the joy in good nutritious food. So, this board is where it goes down.  Even if you don’t follow a plant-based diet (which is just as wonderful) you can easily add meat, dairy or eggs to any of the things I pin!

I love sharing ideas and getting creative with others so come join me and please leave a comment below with your username so I can follow back! See you over there!

Eleni xx


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