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I am so excited for Christmas this year.  I feel like Harlow is at the age where it all really makes sense to her and she is so excited for the magic of it all.  What a wonderful time to double count your blessings, celebrate the gift of being together and being with loved ones.  I have wanted to create a space full of wonder and magic and joy and I feel like decorating for Christmas can do just that.   I believe these collections take years to create so here are some pieces I am inspired by this year.  I love adding little trees around the house, brushed bottle trees, flocked tiny trees, simple greenery and of course decorating the tree and mantle.  We are going to be getting our fireplace redone this Christmas and I am so excited to make it feel a little more like us.  I’ll be sharing all those details, who we are working with and before and afters so make sure to follow along on instagram stories to keep up with that.  We have added accent walls etc throughout our home and I just love the added details it adds to your space.  

The first boutique I have added currently has some items on sale for 20% off, the second boutique is just pieces I am inspired by and would add/have/am looking into adding to our collection.  

Ahh, I can’t even wait to have everything set up and of course I’ll be sharing it as I do over on Instagram so make sure you’re following along.

Biggest hugs, E xx

Everything in this first boutique is currently on sale for 20% off (11.18.2019)


Everything in this boutique I am inspired by, have or there are some pieces I am looking to add to our collection.  

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