image1-1I’ve been waiting for the right moment to let you all know about some of the changes I am planning for Convey The Moment.This might feel like a long read but I really had a hard time explaining everything in words and I hope you can make it to the end.

I started this blog with the intention of just being myself and sharing things like where I was travelling to, what I was wearing and the great things that were on my menu throughout the day.  Seems pretty simple right?  

Well it didn’t feel simple to me at all.  Something just didn’t sit right.  As time went on I feel I started losing a little bit of who I really am. I became invested in this blog, which wasn’t 100% of a bad thing but I was forgetting the things that once made me feel most grounded. I feel I wasn’t able to really show you all who I am as a human being and what it is I stand for.  What really inspires and motivates me? What am I passionate about?  Was I making a difference in someone else’s life?

It was very hard switching out of the careers I was in and not serving others as often as I was used to.  I started feeling unfilled, selfish and like a little bit of a show off. I started caring about what was going on around me. As soon as I started questioning my purpose, my motive, my message, I knew changes had to have been made.

As I started questioning why I felt so unfulfilled I realized I was no longer feeling inspired, I wasn’t doing what I am most passionate about and I couldn’t recall the last time I ACTUALLY made a difference in someone else’s life.

I don’t necessarily like things, it isn’t my love language, it doesn’t drive me to work harder and it certainly doesn’t make me feel better after a big shopping spree.  Yet I preach like it does.  I started Convey The Moment with an intention to want to help empower women to feel better about ourselves.  Use style as a way to express who we are and feel good about ourselves. Living kinder and keeping no space for things that do not serve us.

It’s often hard taking a step back and realizing you haven’t been 100% true to yourself.  I’m sure you can all relate to this but sometimes we do things without the right intention in mind. I don’t only want this blog to help others feel better about themselves, I want them to feel inspired, connected and left wanting to do more.  To do better, for themselves and for others.

I hate that when you open up my Instagram you see a girl whose clearly into herself,  likes to show off all the great things going on around her and doesn’t have a worry in the world.  Well the truth is Instagram is a space where people come together to show off all the great things happening in their lives. Even when things aren’t going so well it’s easy to make your world seem perfect. 

With this all being said there are some AMAZING talented bloggers out there who I love and look up to so much. Ones who believed in Convey The Moment before I had any idea what the heck I was even doing.  Who never left me feeling insecure or not good enough to give me the time of day.  Who took the time out of their days to make sure I was doing okay.  These women are amazing at what they do whether that be beauty, fashion, health, food and fitness.  This is their calling and they are so very talented.

In order to feel fulfilled I want to use Convey The Moment as a host of inspiration. I want to use my following to make a difference in the lives of other people locally and internationally.  What if we started doing more for other people all together? How much of a difference could we really make?  If I asked every single one of you to go and do something good for someone else that day without expectation of anything in return, imagine the power of that. The power to take all this hard work and put it out to serve others.

I’m starting this Friday by guest speaking for a group of Junior High girls.  Do you realize this is a dream T and I have had forever? To be invited in to speak to impressionable adolescents on not worrying so much about the moment, on how things will pass and how much of a difference THEY can make.  Whether that be with bullying, self esteem, or recognizing the great in others that goes beyond physical appearance.   

A huge portion of the women I look up to are moms staying at home raising their children.  Vegans who commit 100% of their day to eating healthy and caring for our environment and the animals we share it with.  Hair bloggers who can do things to their hair most of us can only dream of.

But on the other side of it is there are moms struggling with postpartum depression that can’t even pull themselves out of bed to get their day-to-day life done, let alone creating the worlds coolest fort in their living room. They exist, I talk to them on a daily basis. How do they feel now after scrolling all the greats of Instagram and other social medias? Crappier than they did when they woke up.  What if we shared this all together? Stories and struggles and inspiration and motivation and the realities of life.  Though I understand the importance of Positivity at times the perfection can be maddening.    

This leads me into the next step for Convey The Moment.  While everything is in the works, I would love to open up spots to feature people who are working towards inspiring others, have powerful personal stories they want to share or are have a blog that could use a little love.  I want to share my readership and give the opportunity to connect people who are working hard towards something they are passionate about.  I will still be conducting my personal posts as I love to be creative and share things I am working on but I want it to be a place where I share more.

Anything and everything from home decor, to fashion, hosting events or living a healthy lifestyle.  I have an intern in place who will be filtering the submissions depending on the response so if you feel you want to be featured on Convey The Moment please send an email to inspiration.conveythemoment@gmail.com.  We plan on launching the changes right away and we are SO excited to hear from you all.  You can also tag me in photos on Instagram and maybe we can use the hashtag #conveytheinspiration to keep it all organized and a way where I can personally take peaks.  I can’t wait to see and hear from all of you!   


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Overall, I want everyone to know that this world we live in isn’t perfect and we need to embrace that and recognize that.  Though I understand I am blessed in a number of ways I also have a lot of struggles.  Some have it worse, some have it better but that doesn’t make them insignificant.  Together I hope we can all feel better connected and start living with more intention.

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