Summertime is truly my favourite time of year but I’m embracing the fall that is almost here and I’m committed to teaching my children to truly make the best of every season as it comes. I am so excited to be partnering with buybuyBABY to let you know how I’m embracing fall and how happy I am buybuyBABY has opened a store here in Calgary (YES!!). 

We’ve gone into the store a few times already since it has opened. It’s a prefect stop for everything and anything baby and child. They have everything you could ever need all in one store.

As my kids have grown older, I absolutely adore watching them play together especially as they are playing outside exploring in nature. It really is the little things that make up the best days of our lives and I never want to forget these moments. The smell of fall in the air, the giggles from my babies chatting with one another and the sound of the birds and planes flying by that cannot go unnoticed by Arrow. My favourite things lately is how Arrow is absolutely in love with Harlow and follows her everywhere and wants to do exactly as she does. This summer was wonderful just getting to watch their relationship develop and how they establish play with each other. All summer long Harlow and Arrow played in the sand at the beach and it was one of our favourite memories we’ve had together. We built sandcastles, and buried dinosaurs to dig and made little pools in the sand. 

I knew that adding a sandbox to our backyard would allow them to continue that play outside throughout fall. I found the perfect one at buybuyBABY that had the most adorable little storage bench, sun shade and seats. I also wanted a couple little chairs for when we have family and friends over so the kids had somewhere to sit and eat beyond our little picnic table.

We also got a little scooter for Arrow that he can play with in the yard and bring it indoors when it gets a little cooler. Harlow was certain he would prefer the unicorn over the dog (both options were so cute) so we agreed and they both have loved playing with it. Make sure to head over to my Instagram to watch my stories as I’m sharing an inside view of the store and just how wonderful it is. You have to see the stores in person to really see how amazing they are for every part of parenting. I would love to hear how you guys are getting ready for fall play so please leave me a comment below. Never forget to stop and cherish these moments of parenthood, these present moments even in the midst of the chaos, because they were not lying when they said these babies sure don’t keep. So much love.

Thank you always for stopping by.

Eleni xx

This post is sponsored by buybuyBABY however all opinions are my own. 

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