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Leaving my house has been some what of challenge lately, let alone getting ready.  I feel defeated, exhausted and so not excited for much of anything.  Sounds pretty depressing doesn’t it? Well the truth is that this is exactly how I have been feeling.  I’ve struggled every single day since this whole infertility process has begun but I make sure to make good in everyday, no matter how hard it feels.  Sometimes, Tim has to drag my butt out of bed, make me a good breakfast and force me to take on the day.  Other times I just tell myself I’ll feel better once I am up and at it.  This is the reality of my world.  I’m exhausted.  

I have, however, gained the most amazing supports and people I look up to who have been able to offer me so much strength I hadn’t been able to gain on my own. Messages daily to check in, words of encouragement and just love from people I have never actually met.  Including you guys which makes me feel even more grateful to have Convey The Moment bring us together.

One of my dearest’s, Abby from Twist Me Pretty, always takes the time no matter how busy her day is to make sure I’m doing alright.  She has inspired my side braid on more mornings than I can even count and since it’s super easy it means I basically don’t have to do my hair! If you haven’t heard of her go take a peak right now, she is amazingly talented and I look up to her so much! I also am super excited for her new book that is now available at Nordstrom, Amazon or Urban Outfitters! If braids are your thing, then she’s your girl.  Even if they aren’t…her kids are super cute and her husband is kind of babe (and I mean a serious one–all the heart eyes). I adore you guys more than you probably know. xx, E

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