Hello Loves! We survived the full day of travel and arrived safely to our hotel in Bangkok.  Not only is it absolutely gorgeous, it is in a perfect location and has the most amazing infinity pool that over looks some of the city.  Since Tim and I both slept from Tokyo to Bangkok we were really worried about being jet lagged but as soon as we showered we both slept peacefully untill breakfast time.  We connected with an amazing tour guide from our hotel and went to some of the beautiful Temples Bangkok has to offer.  In order to show respect skirts must be below the knee and shoulders must be covered, easy enough right?  I am content dressing modestly but for some reason I find it difficult when it is 30 degree celsius and higher.  Today was one of those days.  I decided on my knee length skirt from Forever XXI and brought along a scarf I could easily throw on over my shoulders.  It worked wonderfully.



When I reflect on today I realize how blessed Tim & I really are because travelling to new places is indescribable to me.  Seeing all the things each destination has to offer is so aw inspiring.  I always feel so extremely grateful not only to have these experiences but to share them with someone as incredible as Tim.  The city was definitely chaotic but as we looked around the people were so peaceful.  I have to comment on how kind and relaxed the locals were.  This is the first time we have ever traveled and we were never haggled or disturbed once.  The people were intrigued by us more than anything which we found surprising in such a high tourist place.

So about our amazing tour guide who we will use for the duration of our time here in Bangkok; Her name is G.  Well, technically her name starts with a J and is about 16 letters long so for whatever reason she asked that we call her G.  Fine by us, I mean people have a hard enough time pronouncing my name and it is five letters long, I cannot imagine how they feel about hers.  Anyway, she took us to two famous Temples: The Grande Palace & Wat Pho.  Both temples left me absolutely speechless.  I have seem some pretty miraculous things in this world but nothing as fascinating as what I saw today.  The detail and character put into these temples I cannot describe it is something you must experience for yourself.

She took us for lunch somewhere along way and for everyone who knows me you can imagine it was a little out of my comfort zone.  She was so excited for us to experience traditional Thai food.  G knew I was a vegan (thank heavens cause I saw that raw chicken sitting in 30 degree weather) so it was a breath of fresh air knowing I was not going to be consuming that.  I knew I had 23 days in Thailand meaning I had to eat at some point or another so why not right now. I am always so picky and reluctant to try new things so I am grateful I did it.  Thankfully she decided on a little restaurant not one of the street vendors. which made my first thai food experience easier than anticipated.  We decided to let her order for us and for me this meant I was putting a lot of trust in G.  Of course, I made Tim try everything first but he kept saying how amazing it all tasted so I went in and oh my heavens it was delicious!  My favourite was a vegan satay cashew stir fry with some white rice.  I loved it!  The whole food situation was challenging and of course intimidating but having experiences like this allow me to grow as a human.

G also took us to a flower market which again was like nothing I have ever seen before.  The colours and arrangements of all the flowers were so exotic.  We rode the skyline train, took a boat on the river and braved our first ride in a tuk tuk.  We have experienced outrageous drivers in Egypt and Greece but nothing compares; the people of Bangkok sure know how to motor.  It made me think I really should have brought my bicycle helmet along.

Overall, we had an remarkable first day in Bangkok.  I am thrilled to be able to communicate with you all from here! Cannot wait to share tomorrow with everyone too!

So much love,

Eleni xx

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