I haven’t shared Harlow’s room since being in our new home and it’s been over two years.  I decided to re-do the exact wallpaper she had in her old room from Anewall and I feel it is a statement wall that fits her so well.  Here bed cover is the same one from her crib and it is a toddler mat from Anthropologie.  I absolutely love how much use we have gotten out of it since she was a very tiny baby and now she can use it on her bed.  

The pom was initially placed to discourage her from wanting to get out when we were transitioning her from a crib to a toddler bed but she insists we keep it on.  I added a little tassel garland as well because I love how it added texture and colour.  The bed itself is from Ikea and everyone had recommenced it when we were deciding what to do. I love that I am able to convert it longer as she grows and that it resembles her crib so much so the transition was really easy for her.  I also love the width and how we are able to lay down with her at night and read our stories in her room.

I wanted a simple play kitchen I could fit in her room and found the perfect Ikea hack on Pinterest and just went with it.  It was under $100, I added some wrapping paper to a bristle board and nailed it to the back.  Painted the hardware rose gold and the sick white with a little bit of a farmhouse feel.  

Her room is a place we spend so much time in reading in her tent, playing in her play kitchen or taking out all of the toys from her closet.  


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