We are getting so excited while we prepare for Baby Number 3 to arrive! Now that we have brought a baby home to another child before we feel as though there are a couple things we would like to prepare for this time around in order to reduce our stress when the new baby arrives.  I’m so excited to be partnering with 
Best Buy Canada to share what I’m doing to make the transition to three easier for us and a Baby Sale you aren’t going to want to miss! Bestbuy.ca is also offering a $300 Best Buy gift card so make sure to head to my Instagram and enter over there!

Arrow and Harlow have such a special relationship but that of course has come with some challenges.  Now that Arrow is absolutely everywhere and wants to do everything his big sister is doing it doesn’t leave much time for Harlow to have her own space and alone time which we both feel is so important for them as individuals.  She does get her time while he naps but once those start phasing out we are going to need some backup and we’ve started making these changes now so the transition is easier once baby arrives.

Harlow and Arrow both absolutely love playing in the the play kitchen together but it is  also something Harlow loved doing alone long before Arrow even arrived and has caused some conflict as of recently.  What a perfect time to take advantage of the Bestbuy.ca Baby Sale that his happening between February 17-24 2020 to to grab anything you might need to simplify your transition to a new baby or another baby.  For us, another play kitchen was the perfect addition so the kids could still have their separate time allowing for some independence and developmental play, especially once the new baby comes.  We knew this would offer us some quiet time while they played in their own rooms and we would be able to have some time to peacefully tend to the new baby.  It has been working so well for us and was such a simple fix.  

Bestbuy.ca is an amazing place to grab everything from baby monitors (which is where we got our that we love!) to baby carriers, car seats, cribs and play yards.  They have everything you need to keep your little ones safe and happy and we all know how much I like to take advantage of a sale when on the hunt for something I need. 

Another item I wanted to take advantage of was a baby carrier so we would still do the things we love (hiking, being outside, going for walks) and I would still be able to tend to the other two as I normally would.  I am a fan of various carriers but I feel they each provide something different.  With the ergobaby 360 I love that I am able to quickly throw it on in the middle of a hike and flip the baby around so they can see out etc.  This is also Tim’s personal favourite of all the carriers we use.  I found adjusting to a new baby the first time around so beautiful but it also had its challenges and having a free set of arms definitely is something I encourage every new mom, or mom of more than one, to take advantage of.  Our babies like to be close to us especially in the first few weeks/months and in the past it has really allowed for me to do everything I’ve needed to do while being close to the new baby.  

Make sure to head to Bestbuy.ca to grab anything you need for baby especially while the sale is happening and it can help simplify the transition to motherhood.  It is a great go to for parents and parents-to-be looking for the latest and greatest for their children.   With secure online check out, a wide assortment of products and fast shipping, bestbuy.ca can be your go-to resource while you prepare for baby. Let me know if you want my personal opinion on anything else or if you need help with anything but make sure to take advantage of the sale while it’s happening or if you’re looking to gift a new mama something in the near future.

Thank you so much to Bestbuy.ca for sponsoring this post, all opinions are always my own.  

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