I remember when I was pregnant with my first (Harlow) and I was so overwhelmed at the thought of becoming a mother and all the things I would need as I began my motherhood journey.  Which carrier would make my baby the happiest, what would help create the most peaceful bath time routine, what diaper would do the best job?  The truth is, our babies really only need us but some things make our day-to-day a lot easier.

Now that I’m onto baby number three I have had the opportunity to try and use a number of different baby products and I’m partnering with Angelcare to share two items I think you should add to your baby registries to help reduce some of that overwhelm as you make your transition into motherhood.  

I talk about this Angelcare bath support all the time so I knew it had to live somewhere on the blog.  The babies have loved this bath, its easy to clean, is mold resistant, made in Canada and is good for babies up to 6 months.  I love buying this for all my friends becoming moms (you can order it here) because it is easily one of our favourite products we have ever used.

Another item I believe every mom should have and I also talk about this all the time is a good baby monitor that can offer them peace of mind.  I can completely relate to that worry throughout the night wondering if baby is doing okay so a good baby monitor can help you see how baby is doing.

I have loved the Angelcare® AC527 Baby Breathing Monitor with Video for the newborn stage especially. We had this on our baby registry for Harlow (you can purchase it here or add it to your Amazon registry) and it was easily one of our favourite gifts.  This monitor can offer peace of mind by detecting your baby’s movements and will alarm you if no movement has been detected in the crib after 20 seconds. The Angelcare®’s Wireless Breathing Sensor Pad can be turned off so the monitor can also be used into the early toddler days. It really gives us peace of mind especially when we’re transitioning our kids to the their cribs for the first few months. 

So if you’re newly pregnant or are just about to have a baby these are two items I couldn’t recommend more.  Make sure to add them to your Amazon Registry or you can grab Angelcare® AC527 Baby Breathing Monitor with Video and Angelcare bath support directly through these links!

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