It’s the little things you learn along the way that make motherhood easier. I love sharing tips and tricks I’ve learned since becoming a mom that have helped simplify my day-to-day life. I also love hearing what you’ve learned to make your life with your little ones a little easier, so let me know in the comments below. Tips, tricks, mom hacks that have changed the way you do motherhood. I love being a mom more than anything in the world but sometimes getting out of the door can be chaotic. Here is one thing that has made our lives a little bit easier for us as a family.

I have been using keyless entry for years in our home and today I’m partnering with Best Buy Canada to share my experience with the August Lock from www.bestbuy.ca. The August Smart Lock Pro is included in the Best Buy Anniversary Sale from October 11 – 17.

Coming in and out of my house has only become easier with the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Pro and Connect. It is a smart lock that allows you to lock and unlock remotely with your smartphone and alerts you if you’ve left your door unlocked. One of my favourite things about the keyless entry is that it can all be automated from our smartphones or Google Home. I love how I can ask our Google Home system to lock my door at night, unlock it as I’m running out the door with both kids in tow and easily manage it from my smartphone.

Our home is a space where we love to have friends and family stay and sometimes schedules overlap so I absolutely love being able to do what I have to do comfortably, while still allowing our family members to come and go. We can give access to anyone who we might need to share it with (and manage) like a family member, friend, or house cleaner. The door sense technology allows the system to lock itself when you leave. It offers me peace of mind when I’m busy managing my two little toddlers and could easily forget to lock the door.

A side note is that the August lock was very easy to install. Tim finished installing it in a matter of minutes and it is compatible with the dead bolt already on your door, so you can still have key access if you wish. He’s amazing at a lot of things but being handy isn’t always one of them, so I was impressed with how fast he was able to install it.

Without a doubt having a keyless entry lock like the August Smart Lock Pro can make your life easier while giving you those simple notifications you need to feel safe. Thank you guys so much for stopping by and letting me know somethings you’ve learned since becoming a mom to make your life easier.

Eleni xoxo

This post has been done in partnership with Best Buy Canada but all opinions and suggestions are my own.

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