Shiplap Wallpaper, Shelf (My amazing friends husband made me it)Peter Pan Sign, Llama Print (Home Sense, similar here), CactusRocking ChairPoof foot ottoman White Iron Crib, Boho Accent Pillows (Home Sensesimilar here)Dresser Change Table, Rug (Home Sensesimilar here), Baby SwaddlesFringe Mobile, Macrame Wall Hanging (Similar here), Wire Hanging ShelfVintage Boxes for Book ShelfAlphabet Blocks

Before we knew what baby Arrow was I knew I wanted to do something a little different that what we did in Harlow’s nursery. I wanted neutrals, simple, some raw woods and just a little more of a boho vibe.  I think it’s such a gift to create a space your kids can grow into.  Where they will sit for hours reading books, playing with their toys and a safe comforting place to sleep at night.  Corrina from @yyclifestylephotographer / @corrinawalkerphotography has done an exceptional job at capturing the beauty of his little beans nursery.  If you’re looking for a family photographer or a wedding photographer she is amazing with couples, babies and kids and truly captures the moments.

Before Arrow had even arrived Harlow, Tim and I would spend hours in his nursery reading, talking about the arrival of baby brother and rocking in the rocking chair that previously had been Harlow’s.

We transferred everything over from Harlow’s nursery except for the crib (we got this one here).   When we had picked out Harlow’s nursery pieces I knew I wanted things that could be used for another baby one day and I’m so happy we did that.  The rocking chair (from here) can be turned into a stand alone chair one day too so it was worth it because I knew we would get our money’s worth.  When I was going through infertility I told Tim my dreams of that rocking chair and that is the first thing we bought when we knew Baby Harlow was coming our way. 

The wallpaper was remaining from her playroom downstairs and instead of having it up and down I hung it side to side creating a real shiplap vibe. I love the way it looks both ways and how different it looks up and down vs side to side so you could do either with it. 

The change table is from Restoration Hardware and the top can be removed so it can be a stand alone dresser too which I think is amazing the kids can grow into it too.  Everyone debates the necessity of a change table and I kind of feel both ways about it.  With Harlow we used it all day everyday because our home was a lot smaller and we could just easily use it.  With Arrow we still use it for sure but not as frequently as it is right beside Harlow’s room and we haven’t wanted to disturb her sleeps if she were to hear him crying (she likes her sleep!).  So I love how it doubles as a dresser so I feel like no money or thing was wasted.

A lot of the small touches I got from local vendors and shops and I’ve linked them all above.  For the book shelf section I collected some boxes from Home Sense and just staked and secured them together.  It was cheaper than a bookshelf and I feel it added to the feel of the room.  

Hope you guys liked a peak into his nursery and I love when you stop by. A huge thank you to Corrina for these amazing photos and her love and talent always.

Biggest hugs,


Corrina Walker Photography


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