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I wish I had the right words to describe just how grateful we are to have this to show Harlow one day. The Jar Photography surpassed all expectations we had and captured such an emotional time of our lives perfectly. It didn’t go as planned, in fact nothing went as planned. The creation of her, finding out we were pregnant, the first ultrasound, the first trimester and of course her arrival to her earthly home.  But I wouldn’t change it for the world.  

We had so many plans. We had finished the letters on our anniversary trip to Banff and we were supposed to meet that week to finish videoing and Angie + Juan were supposed to come and capture her birth but like most of my life, nothing worked out the way it was supposed to. In my eyes…it turned out even better. I look at everything within this little film and just can’t help but cry at our little miracle.  We look exhausted, I’m severely swollen, it was such a beautiful yet trying couple of days.  But such a miracle.  She is a miracle. Our miracle.  Harlow’s life was saved because of her mother’s intuition and dedicated, caring, selfless, compassionate human beings, how will I ever thank them?

I’ll never forget the day we rushed to the hospital in a panic, Her birthday. While we were sitting in the hospital room I remember Tim looked at me and said ‘Eleni, call Angie, Baby is coming’. I looked at him and told him Angie wasn’t going to make it in time. I just knew in my heart Harlow wasn’t okay. Two seconds later the medical team came rushing in and in a matter of seconds we were rushed to the OR. The one thing I dreamed of wasn’t happening. I wanted to have her birth on video (not the actual birth, but you know what I mean) and I was devastated that wasn’t going to happen. I can’t believe The Jar Photography created something so beautiful, it turned out being more than I could have ever dreamed of. 
I cannot thank Angie and Juan enough for capturing our baby in such a beautiful way. Her first moments of life, the tiniest she will ever be. You can see the marks on her face from all the tubes from the nicu, her tiny little legs, those newborn squeaky sounds and the cutest little cheeks I have ever seen.  The most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on.  
I thought I would be so upset about how swollen I was and look in this but surprisingly I’m not. It just reminds me of how much I went through to have her. I swelled up so bad I got stretch marks on my feet and my knees and oh boy was it bad. The hardest part of my recovery was my swollen legs and ankles; I couldn’t even carry my baby up and down the stairs for days.   I don’t ever want to forget that.  

This is absolutely one of the greatest keepsakes we will ever have.  We both are sitting here, tear streaming down our faces.  We cannot ever repay The Jar Photography for creating this.  It is truly one of the greatest things we have ever seen.  If you have a special day coming up I know they would exceed your expectations.  Do yourselves a favour and make sure to follow them over on Instagram for the most beautiful videography + photography and never ending inspiration… 

The Jar Photography

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