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Hello Chicklets! I can’t believe its spring! I wore this look a bit of a cooler day and this sweater is still my favourite.  Oh my gosh, the trees are blooming, the grass is green, such a glorious time in the prairies! Tim and I just got back from an amazing trip on the west coast where we relaxed, ate some amazing food and spent a lot of time outside together. This was really important to us as Summer is the busiest time of the year since Tim is headed back to working 12 hour work days.  Sad for me! The good news is that we get to stay in our own home which means lots of girlfriend time, I love that just as much.  It’s so amazing for me to get to spend time with my best friends and their babies! I am so excited.  Especially now that I’m pregnant too, I need all the advice from them I can get.

Summers also give me the time to care for my self a little bit more.  Sometimes during the off season I kind of let go of a routine so it’s nice to get that back.  Like getting my hair done, eating out less, caring for myself a little more and reading and relaxing.  My favourites.  As always, my hair is asked about a lot.  I’m still currently using TRESemme’s Beauty-Full Volume Reverse Wash System and still loving it.  My hair is still so unbelievably bouncy and soft, if there is one thing I love in my hair products it’s that I can get soft touchable volume.   

free people pull over cardigan Reverse Wash Hair System by Tresemme spring booties Tresemme hair reverse wash system

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