Honestly, are you tired of my love for my baby yet? haha.  I understand, sometimes I catch myself like okay sister, get a life! But the truth is that I do still have a life, still love to eat good food and get my tush to my mat every chance I get, but the rest of the day, I’m FOR SURE loving on this little nugget.  For those of you interested, here is a little update on miss Lolo Lace.  I couldn’t not do a six month update to look back on when she’s older (see end note for the humour in this). For those of you sick of it, I feel you, so feel free so skip.  I’m just grateful to be able to say hello!

Now little miss, 6 months with you, how is it even so?  Ugh, I’ll never forget the day we found out about you. Tiny little bean, you were literally a blob in a petri dish (no offence) and I couldn’t possibly imagine you becoming a baby… Seriously..I couldn’t associate the little embryo photo they handed me to potentially turning into a baby. 

I had two readers this week tell me that they are expecting their miracle babies and I honestly can’t even believe it.  I’m happy for people I’ve barely talked to before, let alone know personally.  It’s SURREAL how much hope these stories gave me when I was silently dying and the reason I choose to share is the hope that I can hopefully do the same for some of you still experiencing infertility.  I know the hurt, all too well.  

Ok babe, back to you! You’re actually half a year old..like what? You LOVE your solids. A little too much that you slam your fists against your highchair when you’re done eating–saddd but I’m sorry girl, you’re a little too tiny to eat as much as your mommy!  It’s equally as cute as it is scary.  You have a feisty little personality.  When you love, you love so hard and when you fuss, you fuss even harder.  You’re going through a phase where literally only your mom will do…somebody..does this ever end?  I love her so so so so much but my arms are sore and sometimes I need to brush my teeth or pee or shower… I honestly feel bad because I feel like it couldn’t possibly be normal but it seems as though it is.  Doctor tells us it’s a sign of healthy attachment… let’s run with that.  

You are still nursing.  You were sleeping through the night for months and then decided that you should all of a sudden wake up screaming like your mom is never coming back.  Dad will go in to comfort you but oh noooo, you need your mommy right then and there :).  You and Lady are the best of friends and love watching each other.  Lady will play with her ball with you and it’s really cute to watch.  Belle and you still haven’t really developed much of a relationship but if you’re crying, rest assured she will be right by your side.  You love going for walks outside with your yorkies and your aunties.  You saw your first play, had your first visit from the Easter bunny and wake up every morning giggling and chatting.  Car rides are your favourite pastime and can put you into the deepest nap of life.  

You’re starting to army crawl forward and I can’t even believe that my newborn is going to crawl soon! Hard to comprehend.  You love playing with your toys and sitting in your infant seats (we have one on each floor so mom can have minute) and you’re now sleeping in your crib.  I thought it would be so hard on me, to transition you into your crib, but it felt like a healthy decision so I accepted it easier than I thought I would have.  Plus, this is where you were sleeping through the night so I was alllll for it and we always get in a cuddle for a couple hours after our morning feed.  I’ve become a lot more calm and worry a lot loss since you’ve come into my life, so thank you for that.  You were sent to me for so many reasons and I hope I can give you a life full of love to show you how grateful I am for you.  Before you, I used to worry a lot and stress about insignificant things.  You have definitely granted me perspective.  I’ve also chilled out a lot with germs and my OCD tendencies so hopefully those fears don’t rub off on you.  My wish is for you to live a life free of irrational fears and unwarranted worries.  

I’m very very tired but try to get out everyday because it helps a lot since daddy is back at work.  You love visiting yiayia and pappou but are back to not letting anyone hold you but mommy or daddy. My dad says this was EXACTLY me as a baby.  Anyone can make you smile and laugh from a far but please don’t touch me.  I get it girl, I don’t like being touched by everyone either.  

So things sound really crappy for me, but it’s an honest update and we are doing alright.  I understand you’re going through a leap and this is hopefully just a phase.  In the meantime, I’m going  to hold onto the moments you need me because one day you’re not going to and that scares my panties right off of me. The good is definitely outweighing the bad, you’ve made me the happiest girl in the world.  Your dad will call me in the middle of they day and just say, “babe we are so lucky, I love her so much”.  He is so right.  We truly are so lucky, even if you are a little bit of a firecracker.

SIDE NOTE:  Guysssss, I just read this whole post out lout to Tim with tears in my eyes because I love her so much and he responded by telling me I probably won’t want to pay the hosting fee for my blog by the time Harlow can / will want to read this…lolz maybe I’ll screenshot them and print them off… ohh we are laughing because he is so right. I’ll press publish right now just incase 😉 .

Love you guys and thank you so much for coming by,

E xxo 


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