Good morning girls. Between the move, Harlow and I being really sick and our little family trying to enjoy every minute we have together, I feel like I haven’t been on here in a while.  I hope you guys are doing wonderful.  We have been out and about enjoying this gorgeous weather and I have been able to capture various ways I’ve styled some of my newest sunglasses.  I’m proud to be partnering with IRIS and to finally be sharing some of my current sunglasses I have picked out and I’m pretty certain you will love.  I love the blue detailing on the Maui Jim’s, the mirrored lenses on the Revo’s and how bold the black Kate Spade one’s are.  Can’t wait to wear them all summer long.  

I’ve noticed that finding the right pair of sunglasses can feel overwhelming so today I am also sharing five tips that I have found to be helpful when selecting the perfect pair.  I hope it helps!

5 Tips for finding the right Sunglasses:

1. Invest in a pair of sunglasses that provides proper eye protection. Cheap sunglasses might feel tempting but without UVA and UVB protection your eyes can end up more damaged than going without sunglasses at all.  Invest in a good pair and try not to forget them everywhere you go like I always happen to do.    

2. Choose a pair you know you’ll love in the years to come.  I do believe investing in sunglasses is important I think it makes sense to make sure you’ll want to wear them a couple years down the road.  Find a pair you can’t leave without and make sure you’ll get good wear out of them.  

3.  Think about what you’ll be using them for and make a decision based on that. I generally have a pair that I like to wear for going on walks or to the beach which are usually provide a bit more coverage, are resilient and comfortable.  Then I love having a pair for everyday life that I find to be a bit more stylish and compliment more than one outfit.  

4. Ask for a an opinion from someone you trust.  I’m seriously SO indecisive.  I’m not usually that picky so making up my mind can be hard when I’m not very certain about what I want.  Getting someone else to help you decide takes away a bit of that stress.

5. Make sure the pair of sunglasses compliment your face shape.  Different sunglasses are made for different face shapes so ask a professional for some tips on what styles might work best for you.  The staff at IRIS have been amazing at providing me with tips and things to look out for when picking out the right pair of sunglasses for my face. I think it’s important to make sure there are a lot of styles to choose from and that’s why I love shopping for sunglasses at IRIS.  They carry a wide selection of trending brands and styles that I know will be in style for years to come.

My Picks:

Maui Jim
Kate Spade

I love having you stop by and reading! Feel free to leave a hello below it’s always great hearing from you. So much love,

Eleni xo

Thank you to IRIS for partnering with me on this post.  

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