Spring Dresses 2015
Vintage Floral($36), Karen Walker Super Duper Sunglasses, Opaque Tights, Cardigan, Booties, Faux Leather Bag ($15)

Creating a look for under $100 doesn’t have to be as hard as we seem to make it out to be.  No matter where you are in life everyone likes to save a little money and look cute for less.  There are a couple of things I will invest in (like sunglasses or statement pieces) and then the rest I like to hunt for deals and cheap finds.

One place I always splurge is Anthropologie because I adore the uniqueness of each piece and no matter how many people own the same item I can style it my own way but other than that–hello savings. I’m obviously not a fashion expert but I do like to be creative with style and this is what works for me. 

So, curious how I do it?  I always count on a few cheaper stores for finding a good deal.  4 of my favourites are Chic Wish, Sheinside, Choies and Forever XXI. With this being said you have to make sure you zoom into items to see what you’re really getting. I’ve been really lucky with sizing and quality.  Quick funny story, this dress was a bit snug along the neck until I realized I had worn it backwards the whole day…once I flipped it around it felt so much better (face palm).  

Here are 5 tricks I use to creating a look for under $100.

1.  Find Stores you can count on to find pieces for less.  I like: Forever XXI, Choies, Sheinside and Chic Wish.

2. Shop Sales. Keep an eye out at your favourite stores to see what sales are happening, if they have new product constantly coming in then the “older” product usually goes on sale.  Some sales I’m loving right now: here, here and here.

3. Invest in statement pieces you can re style into cheaper looks.  I love my Karen Walker Super Duper Sunglasses,  statement tops (like this one here) and a couple vegan bags.  This can add worth to a cheap looking get up.  Stella McCartney is an angel for creating a higher end vegan line (bow down).  I honour designers who create Faux Leather Designer bags (aka polyester) but still attach the price tag.  I personally feel it’s the design we should be paying for. 

4. Zoom In.  I can’t emphasis this enough.  If it’s 20$ then don’t expect that much but with that being said you’ll be surprised the goodies I find for under 20$.  Remember this top?  

5. Don’t expect too much.  When creating a look for less it doesn’t have to look cheap but try not to expect the best quality ever when you are paying as little as $9.99 for something.  I usually get the most compliments form my cheapest pieces, isn’t that funny how it works?


Spring Dresses
floral dress from she insideRetro Lookconvey

Disclaimer: The kissy face and pigeon toes were taken prior to your feedback (face palm again). I don’t know why these unnatural poses are so natural for me haha.  

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