bump styleI cannot believe I am 20 weeks pregnant (21 weeks tomorrow)! It seriously feels like an absolute dream come true. I wake up every single morning and think to my self, I never thought I would ever get to experience this, I am so grateful.  Boy, has my perspective on this world changed.  

I think infertility took a lot from me during those almost 3 years.  But the truth is that the joy I feel some how masks all that pain I went through. Of course, I still have my fears but I feel grateful, excited, optimistic and faithful.  We all have tendencies to take our blessings for granted, and I know it’s without intention of doing so.  It’s just part of the world we live in and unfortunately makes us forget about a lot of things that truly matter.  One way I can truly say that infertility has changed me, is it has helped me see all my blessings and helps me be grateful recognize all I do have.  When I start every single morning stating what I am so blessed to have, nothing else in this world matters.   

It’s so easy to get caught up in the feelings of wanting and needing more, staying up to date with the all the trends, trying to catch those picture perfect moments, growing your Instagram numbers…..but the truth is that we have every single thing we will ever need right here, right now.  I love how the second I made a cognitive decision to stop caring about things that do not matter I have felt so much for fulfilled. Never will any more things, numbers, followers, dollars ever make me happier, so why stress? My little secret is that I have been felt so wonderful just not giving a shit (please pardon my potty mouth).  

My goal is to live with purpose and intention.  Offer love and support whenever I can.  Share my stories in hopes of helping others heal and encourage them to share theres.  I don’t want to be inspiring, I don’t want to be known for having a social media following, I don’t want my worth to be based on numbers or photos.  I want people to leave me some how feeling more. Wanting to live.  To encourage and empower.

I want my life to be an example of how my baby wants to live and grow.  What will she care about?  What will motivate her?  What will make her happy?  But most importantly,  what will make up her self worth?  These are the things that inspire my daily intentions.  Every day I get to carry her, I feel like the luckiest human in the world.  I want to do my best to focus on the things that truly matter and help this form the type of mother I will soon be.  

If you haven’t already, please subscribe to our YouTube channel where I will be sharing more of our simple life, pregnancy updates, vegan meals and more! I’ll have a new vlog up tonight (it’s now live here) I’ve been holding off on due to personal reasons but you’ll be able to see why once it goes live tonight (it’s now live, watch it here!).  I adore you all and truly feel blessed to have you follow along on this journey with us.   I would also love for some ideas on what you want to see! Anything pregnancy related so far? Vegan Diet tips? Our day-to-day life! Let me know!  We are so grateful.

Biggest Hugs,

E xx

ps. I’ve linked some dresses I’m loving lately! Seriously my favourite place to get non-maternity items that work well for pregnancy too.  

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