It’s been a shitty year, now what? Pardon my french but the struggle is real.  So cliche, but here’s to a New Year.  

On January 2nd I celebrated one year of Convey The Moment.  Isn’t that crazy? One, exhilarating year full of growth, accomplishments and hitting milestones I thought I could only reach in my dreams.  I celebrated a year of marriage with the most amazing life partner a girl could ask for and was able to travel to some of the most desired places in this world.  We have all the means to serve our daily basic needs.   There was so much good in this year so why are things feeling so tough?  The truth is it’s all in my perspective.  There are always so many reasons to feel grateful.

One day I’m going to write a book of all the exciting challenges I have faced (this past year specifically) and what I have gained with each trial, but until I get the courage to do that here are 20 promises I am making myself for the upcoming year to live happier and healthier.  You might be wondering why I am sharing this with all of you.  To be honest, with creating Convey The Moment, I have chosen to make parts of my life  public, but I always want to be honest and real with all of you.  When you run an Instagram or Blog for business you choose how you want to portray your life, generally all positive.  I want to share all the great amazing parts of my life because I want people to leave me feeling inspired but I also what you all to have realistic and attainable goals for yourselves. The truth is that Convey The Moment is having a moment.  

Your mind is absolutely powerful and when you feed it with positivity, your world starts to change. We all have a choice.  A choice whether or not we let others control how we feel, a choice to live with intention and purpose, a choice to forgive and let go.  How we feel is completely in our own control.  If you don’t like the direction something is headed, then get up and change it.

Here is my list of 20 things I plan on implementing to extend gratitude and intention into my daily life.  I hope you guys can pick from it and integrate some of these into yours.


A Letter To Myself (and You). 

#1. Count your blessings and you will have more.  Every, Single, Day.  It’s so easy to get caught up in all the things that are going wrong but if you shift your perspective you will find you ultimately feel happier. 

#2. Keep a journal of all the wonderful things that happened in a day so when things feel difficult it’s easy to be reminded of all the wonders. 

#3. Forgive those who have hurt you.  Forget receiving an apology, put to rest what others have done to you and take control of your own emotions.

#4. Keep no space for negativity.  I mean this in the most honest way possible.  When people say they need to “vent” about others the truth is they like to gossip and want you to feel the same way about that person as they do.  Change this behaviour and keep little space for negative chatter. Teach your children this.

#5. Set an intention for your day every morning.  This is the best way to live with purpose and really control how you want to feel.  By doing this you will create and live the life you deserve.

#6. Meditate at least a couple times a week.

#7. Tell your loved ones you love them every single day.

#8. Do something good for others at least once a day and even if it interrupts your own schedule. 

#9. Eat Healthy and care for yourself physically, but keep space for (vegan) cake.  

#10. Practice more yoga.

#11. Eliminate competition and comparison.  One of my biggest secrets to accomplishing so much in one year of blogging was not keeping much space for what others are up to. It’s a waste of time and energy and I want to get even better at that this year.  How others are doing does not effect you at all so stop comparing and be proud of how far you have come.

#12. Accept failures as they come.  In order to become successful you must fail. 

#13. Want less and you’ll end up having more.

#14. Surround yourself with positive, like minded people.  

#15. Understand that happiness isn’t a destination it’s a process.  Make a choice to feel happy while you are heading where you want to end up.

#16. Worry less.  When you spend time worrying you miss out opportunities to feel happy.

#17. See the good in others.

#18. Be playful.  Laugh at least once a day. 

#19. Take your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

#20. Believe in miracles.



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