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Morning girls, it feels like it’s been forever.  Today I felt compelled to share 15 things I wish I knew becoming a first time mom.  Going into it I knew it would be a huge learning curve but there are some things I wasn’t prepared for that could have totally alleviated some of the stress.  It’s amazing how your maternal instincts kick in and you kind of know what you’re doing but you don’t really know how or why..but here are some things I wish I personally had known.

#1. Breastfeeding is tough work! Okay, I knew it was going to be hard but I didn’t realize there were so many different contributing factors that could make it even harder. Harlow had a tongue tie that needed to be corrected, was born a little bit early so she didn’t actually fully understand how to effectively eat, my milk production and flow was WAY too fast..there were so many different factors that I wish I had REALLY understood it isn’t as easy as positioning, proper latch, and remaining calm. ( I think I need a full post for this one). Now I’m dealing with Harlow sleeping 12 hours and me not producing as much, like seriously? 

#2. Breastfeeding DOES NOT make everyone lose weight: I haven’t lost a pound since the week after I had Harlow and all I keep thinking is, “those dirty little liars”.  Partially kidding, partly dead serious.  I haven’t lost a single pound and that is with diet modifications, exercise and breastfeeding.  My though process is that my body is going to do what my body needs to do for my baby girl so I’m going to accept what is.  To those of you so lucky, bless your hearts. 

#3. Gas is a real, real thing: Seriously no body had ever once mentioned to me their gassy baby and how much that effects your baby’s well being.  When Harlow was first born she was so fussy and would do this weird grunting thing and we seriously had to google what it could be and then we discovered Bio Gaia drops, bicycles and stomach crunches (and no I’m not talking about ab exercises).  So people, it’s life changing, never forget this.

#4. Everything you said you wouldn’t do, you’ll probably end up doing: This one is so true haha. Baby sleeping next to me–never….laughs. 

#5. Other peoples opinions really don’t matter: Seriously.  Hopefully they don’t waste their breath with useless opinions but if they do don’t waste your energy worrying about it.

#6. Not one method of parenting is better than the other: So let this be a time of humbling.  I love how passionate moms are (kinda similar to vegans) but I have found it’s so important to be understanding of everyone’s decisions when it comes to parenting styles and choices.  We are all so different and different things work for different people.  Get it? haha.  Just because you don’t agree doesn’t mean it isn’t right for that family. 

#7. Every baby is different: Do not compare to other babes the same age.  Every baby eats, sleeps, pees and poops differently and no one baby is better than the other.  

#8. You won’t sleep when the baby is sleeping: You’re going to get shit done, do what you love to do, cuddle with your hubby. Sometimes, you will sleep when the baby is sleeping but most likely not.  

#9. Mom guilt is real–and it shouldn’t be: I seriously died the first time I went to yoga.  I cried and felt so bad thinking of “what if she just needs me”.  I came back, baby was sleeping and happy and we all survived.  It is so important that I don’t lose myself in the role of mothering and I need to understand healthy boundaries.  I’m going to do my best every single day and sometimes the best isn’t going to be good at all but that is okay.

#10. You’ll love a mom group ( at least a positive one!): Seriously hearing, ‘I’ve been there’ can be so strong.  Make sure to find ours on Facebook, its so special to me and has saved me on so many occasions! 

#11. Cuddling your baby isn’t a sin: And don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.  These moments are so temporary and there is no such thing as spoiling a newborn.  So hold, cuddle and give them all the love in the world!  Especially because that transition from womb to world can be so scary. 

#12. Small things don’t matter: Honestly, I laugh at the things I worried about pre-baby.  There are so many things to celebrate like a healthy baby that my heart has very little space for the unnecessary.  Seriously! 

#13. Self care is so important: Naturally, Harlow is my priority.  She comes before me no matter what.  With that being said, it is still important that I am eating, caring for my self, getting ready when we are going somewhere. I feel my best when I do all of these things and in order to be the best mom for her I have to make sure I’m taking care of me. 

#14. Newborns only communicate through crying: Hungry–cries. Tired–cries. Uncomfortable–cries.  Happy–probably cries. I almost died the first three months because I was like omgggg she is like a little potato that just cries when she needs something or sleeps will she ever be happy!! She’s now smiling and more than a little crying potato! 

#15. You’re an amazing mom! Don’t you ever forget it.

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